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My name is Neil Cartwright and welcome to Taking Back Monday. This website explores how people and companies are moving towards remote working.

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Working From Home Tips

Tips and advice on how to achieve the perfect office setup. Bearing in mind, an 'office' nowadays can be a kitchen table and chair.

Setting Up A Home Office

Maybe you're working at home due to COVID. Or perhaps you're starting a new business from home. Our guide is here to help.

What Is Work Life Balance?

Getting the balance right is a challenge for everyone. However, here we compile some of the best tips and advise to help you get it right.

For over 15 years I've worked at home and learnt a lot during that time. Through this blog I want to share how to achieve a better work/life balance. I'm on a mission:

Taking Back Monday!

This blog is aimed at people who want to look forward to every Monday morning.

Due to COVID this may be the first time many people have worked from home. If this has happened to you, then I hope you can embrace it by showing how to make the most of your new environment.

Or, maybe you manage an office and employees want to work from home more often. What equipment and business software will help them achieve their aims while still working effectively for the company?

This blog is split into three core areas:

  1. Working from home
  2. The office
  3. Life Balance

Working From Home

This section includes ideas for jobs you can do from home. However, it aims to suggest the right tools you need to work from home effectively. This includes business software, apps, webinar software, presentation apps and chat apps.

The Office

Firstly, what is an office nowadays? Is it a building managed by a company who ask staff to be in it 5 days a week? Or is it your sofa? Or in a coffee shop. Wherever it is, technology means it can change from one day to the next. Getting your physical environment is essential. Many people ask what is the right office setup? This includes the working space, a desk, chairs, keyboard, lighting and desktop. However, it includes smart home devices, cameras, ergonomic design and how to stay comfortable.

Life Balance

The third section is for people who may be working in an office but want to re-balance their lives. Mobile devices mean we're always reachable. We receive constant notifications. The side-effect of globalisation means taking phone calls early in the mornings or late in the evening. How can we achieve a better life/work balance?


There are challenges to working from home. Many people complain about too many distractions. Personally, I found the distractions at home are nothing compared to an office. Endless meetings, "coffee runs", chatting about the weekend, office gossip. In an office the distractions were endless. However, in my home office, I control my environment. It takes practice but there are techniques you can use to minimise distractions and maximise your focus.

Other people complain about loneliness or the lack of interaction. I do miss going out with colleagues. I made a lot of friends while I worked in an office. After all, many people find they spend more time with work colleagues than with their families. However, without the hours of communing the question is, how do you want to spend your new-found time? Now, I can meet people in the morning for a coffee to discuss getting more involved with my community. I can go to the gym in the mornings or early evenings. I can meet friends for an occasional daytime bike ride. Since I no longer have a three hour round-trip commute into London I have ample time to get my work done but also do additional things I enjoy.

With this blog I aim to give you tips and advice based on my experience and that of many others.

I want to be 100% transparent. I use paid affiliate links to make money from the blog. I'm open about this and make sure it doesn't interfere with any comments.

I also offer consulting services to companies who want to manage their staff working from home. I help companies to equip home offices and manage their employee well-being while working remotely.

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